Why We Study Seerat Nabwi (Sallal laho alyhai wassalam) (URDU)

Two Versions.

Short Audio of 4 hours and 40 minutes.


Detailed Audios, Videos and presentations.

   i)Why we study history. whome to study. Why to study prophets. Why Mohammad, the last prophet of Allah is different,

only one in the whole history, in present and future. By various aspects and angles.  Audios 1 2 3 4

   ii) What is position and role of Prophet Mohammad in Islam and for Muslims. In View Of Quran and Hadees  Audio

  iii) To check a particular life style, teachings, metaphysics, system and culture, we first check what is the life position of men and women, children, boys and girls, elders etc in this irder. So, what is the condition of individuals and collectiveness in todays global culture and system, America and Europe.The essentials of todays world are also slightly discussed. Audios  1  2

  iv) What were thr optins by Prophet Mohammad to spread Islam. Audio

  v) What is the current civilisation. What is todays philosphy, its background, creators, its metaphysics, ontology, cosmology. Who is todays God. Do we know any thing about todays current global civilsation. any thing. comparisons with Islam. Audios 1  

vi)Descriptions, Details and Differences between Islamic and Western Philosphy Audio 1

vii) Different Topics Audio 1 We are aliving in that age where... Our Targets etc..

viii) Only Mohammad (saw) is the matter. He is the only differnce . Audio 1

ix) Jerusalam in Quran Audio 1

x) Who is ruling the world. Audio 1

xi) This Current Time Audios 1 2


Videos  And  Images Used During this program

This Video to be watch after all audios

Following Videos and images used as a single presentation during the lectures.